Paul Theby

Paul Theby



Student in Codefi CodeLabs Full Stack Software Engineering Bootcamp with a finish date of late May 2024. With that and Odin Project, I am familiar with and have worked on projects with HTML,CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript and Angular. Am currently learning Ruby, SQL and Ruby on Rails. As a brand new member of Open SGF, as of January 2024, I am learning React and Next.js to attempt to help on a project there. I love learning and put effort into to learning every day whether it's software or anything else. I regularily back-pack and float camp all year long and enjoy disconnecting from technology as much as I enjoy it's usefulness and awesomeness. Reading is also something else I couldn't live without. My day job is in Insurance and I am married and love being a dad. I many other interests but for now,,,that's all!


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