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I'm Jemini Willis, a seasoned Software Architect with a wealth of experience in crafting innovative solutions across diverse technologies. Proficient in languages such as C#, Obj-C, Java, and PHP, and skilled in frameworks like React, Xamarin, and Angular, I possess a solid track record of successfully leading teams to achieve their objectives. In my recent role, I guided the development of advanced MDC-like API and MVVM-like front-end frameworks, setting industry benchmarks in paperwork automation and compliance. Additionally, I co-founded a fin-tech software firm, where I played a pivotal role in designing and implementing electronic banking solutions. Throughout my career, I have spearheaded numerous projects ranging from WordPress site launches to the development of robust e-commerce platforms. Committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions and fostering team success, I bring a blend of experience and expertise to every project I undertake.


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