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🚀 Elevating Software Development Excellence

As a software developer, I'm dedicated to merging quality code with vibrant team cultures. It's the boy scout rule for life. Leave the code better than when you found it, leave people better than when you met them.

🌻 What I Bring to the Table

Whether as an organizer for Open SGF or a volunteer for the Springfield Tech Council, I actively contribute to the realm of software development through open-source contributions and tech event planning. As a developer, you'll find me working on a wide range of projects that benefit nonprofits and local government entities.

🎹 Fun Facts

I've played piano since I was a little girl.

I taught students from 10+ countries in a program called English for Musicians (and others). I would love to visit all their countries and reunite with my former students someday.

I studied Spanish and French in school, así que envíame un mensaje si habla español, ou envoyez-moi un message si vous parlez français.

I picked up juggling to combat the negative effects of sitting at a keyboard all day. Speaking of... time for a juggle break!

🛠️ Current Tech Stack

HTML | CSS/SCSS | JavaScript | TypeScript | React | Angular | GraphQL | Git | GitHub Issues | Docker | AWS | WordPress


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